« Knowledge doesn’t belong to us, it is shared and communicated. »


The Cohinvest holding company was created in 2010, aimed at the strategic development of construction businesses.

Cohin Construction will be the first structure used to lay the foundations of a management organisation. Each of its businesses is represented by experienced employees with a strong desire to create synergy between our activities and our various business partners.

In 2012, Perfo Sciage Diamant joined the group, allowing us to get involved in deconstruction businesses. With 20 years’ solid experience in this field, PSD is a service company specialised in diamond cutting and controlled deconstruction.

Finally, in 2015, it was the turn of Cohin Environnement to join the group. With 12 years’ solid international experience, it is specialised in the design and engineering of sewage and industrial effluent treatment.

These different but complementary businesses enable us to implement a development strategy for all the Cohinvest group’s activities. For our principal growth strategy, we made the choice to develop our activities in international construction and deconstruction engineering, but also to develop the complementarity of our businesses in France.

We want to share and communicate our enthusiasm and expertise so that young generations can feel reassured about the future.

cohin environnement